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Today, I’m thrilled to have Dr. Emily Mason, a pelvic floor physical therapist, women’s health coach, and yoga instructor on the show. Emily brings an abundance of knowledge and passion to our conversation that you won’t want to miss, especially if you find yourself struggling with pelvic pain.

So, grab a cup of tea, settle in, and prepare to be empowered with valuable insights into pelvic wellness and holistic health care from Emily.

In this enriching episode, you’ll hear:

– Emily Mason’s personal health journey, from struggling with persistent back pain to discovering the transformative power of yoga and pelvic floor therapy.

– An introduction to the fundamentals of pelvic floor health and its significance for both pain relief and overall well-being.

– A discussion on common misconceptions around kegel exercises and why individualized pelvic floor therapy is crucial.

– Dive into holistic approaches to managing pelvic floor issues, including the synergy of yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

– Exploring how tracking menstrual cycles and adjusting life rhythms can lead to better hormonal balance and wellness.

– Insight into the unique treatment methods used in pelvic floor therapy, such as heat applications, tens units, and topical pain relief.

– An eye-opening look at how stress, sleep, and relationship dynamics can impact your pelvic floor health.

– Real-life examples of how Emily’s pelvic wellness practice incorporates a comprehensive approach, from internal examinations to personalized health coaching.

– Learn about cycle syncing and how adapting to the four phases of the menstrual cycle can improve your life.

– Resources provided by Emily Mason, including access to her website, social media, and newsletters, for those eager to learn more about pelvic floor health.

Whether you’re dealing with endo belly, pelvic pain, or simply interested in enhancing your overall health, this episode is packed with actionable advice and heartfelt encouragement for your journey. So, let’s deepen our understanding of the intimate connection between our bodies and our health.

Remember, we’re in this together—keep striving for wellness and don’t forget to reach out for support when you need it!

Thank you for listening to The Endo Belly Girl Podcast. Be sure to subscribe, leave a review, and share this episode with anyone who could benefit from Emily’s empowering insights. Stay tuned for more episodes where we continue to explore and conquer endometriosis and pelvic floor challenges together.

Connect w/ Emily:

Website: Be sure to check out her Free E-Book – “Nurturing Your Pelvic Floor – A Holistic Guide to Pelvic Wellness” that goes through the 6 vital pillars to a healthy pelvic floor.

Instagram: @emilymasonpelvicwellness

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Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational purposes only. This may not be the best fit for you and your personal situation. It shall not be construed as medical advice. The information and education provided here is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment, advice, and/or diagnosis. Always check with your own physician or medical professional before trying or implementing any information read here.

Click here for full episode transcription

Welcome to another episode of The Endo Belly Girl Podcast, where we explore the intricate web of women’s health. I’m your host, Alyssa Chavez, and today’s show features the remarkable Emily Mason. As a pelvic floor physical therapist, women’s health coach, and yoga instructor, Emily’s insights are bound to enlighten and inspire those living with pelvic floor dysfunctions, especially those related to endometriosis. Journey with us as we decode the complex relationship between our bodies and our health through the lens of pelvic wellness.

Understanding The Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Pain:

The pelvic floor is not just a muscle; it is the bedrock of our pelvic health. This group of muscles supports the urethra, vaginal opening, and anal sphincter, playing a crucial role in numerous functions and overall well-being. Emily demonstrated the necessity of a strong yet flexible pelvic floor, highlighting that issues can range from tension and tightness to weakness.

Her insights revealed that common misconceptions, such as kegels being the cure-all for pelvic floor issues, often lead to mismanagement of symptoms. Through our dialogue, we emphasized the importance of proper assessment and personalized treatment to tackle the unique challenges each person faces.

Pelvic Pain, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Symptoms:

Pelvic floor dysfunction can manifest in various ways, including back pain, bowel troubles, bladder pain, painful periods, and general pelvic pain. Interestingly, pelvic floor muscle tension can be a reactionary symptom to pain itself, spiraling into further tension and dysfunction. Through targeted therapy, however, relief can be found, and cycles of pain can be disrupted.

As Emily conveyed during our conversation, therapy goes beyond mere exercises—it involves a full understanding of an individual’s history, a careful assessment, and even internal examination of pelvic floor muscles. Each step, from trigger point release to myofascial work, is guided with precision to offer not just treatment but also empowerment for patients navigating these symptoms.

Empowering Women Through Holistic Health:

The core of our discussion centered on the holistic approach to health, something we are both passionate about. Emily detailed how the pillars of health such as hormones, stress, sleep, nutrition, movement, and relationships all play a role in the state of the pelvic floor.

For instance, the hormonal interplay in a woman’s body is intricate, fluctuating throughout the menstrual cycle. Understanding these patterns is critical, and as Emily suggested, there’s a lot to gain from aligning our lifestyles with our natural cycles. We discussed the benefits of cycle tracking, acknowledging temperature shifts, and pinpointing ovulation as crucial aspects for women to grasp their overall health better.

Holistic wellness extends beyond the physical realm. It requires tuning into our bodies, respecting phases of rest, and embracing practices that honor our unique rhythms. This mindset can lead to a significant shift in how we approach health and self-care.

Specialized Pelvic Floor Therapy:

Pelvic floor therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Emily walked us through the specialty of pelvic floor therapy, from the comprehensive intake and history gathering to the intricacies of treatment techniques. Physical practices merge with deep understanding and examination to create individualized care that addresses the heart of a patient’s symptoms.

These therapies are available through various avenues, be it in-person sessions or virtual health coaching practices. This accessibility ensures that women everywhere can begin their journey toward pelvic health with knowledgeable guides by their side.

Bridge to Health and Healing:

Healing is a journey—one where connection and support are key. We acknowledged the vitality of community and the need for practitioners to collaborate to provide comprehensive support for patients and clients. Emily’s advocacy for patient education and empowerment was a beacon for those seeking the knowledge to understand their health and the courage to pursue the care they need.

One innovative approach discussed was cycle syncing. Emily went into depth about how aligning exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle with each phase of the menstrual cycle could potentially optimize health and alleviate symptoms. This method is one more tool for women to wield in their pursuit of health sovereignty.


As our conversation drew to a close, the gratitude and enthusiasm we both felt were palpable. The insights shared by Emily Mason have the power to illuminate the path for many struggling with pelvic pain and beyond. The interconnectedness of the body and mind, the holistic framework of health, and the potential for empowerment through knowledge and practice are themes we will continue to explore in future episodes.

Remember, your journey to health is unique, and with the right tools and understanding, wellness is within reach. We warmly invite you to take the next steps, to embrace the wisdom shared today, and to reach out when you need support. Thank you for listening, and until next time, let’s keep building a foundation of health, hope, and healing.

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