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Thrive With Endo Starter Package!

Functional nutrition at an affordable price.

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Are you tired of going to your doctor, being told that your labs are “normal,” and then being dismissed?


Have you ever gone in to your doctor, been told your symptoms are all in your head, and been referred out to a mental health practitioner?


It’s about time that you were listened to, treated like a human being, and had your symptoms investigated from the inside out. 


It’s time to find a solution that actually works for the long term!


Thrive With Endo was created just for you.


Have you had your thyroid checked lately?

Your thyroid is a crucial piece of your health that is often overlooked and underdiagnosed.


Do you struggle with fatigue, weight gain, or thinning hair?


It could be an underactive thyroid. It is oh-so-common to have this with endo!


Did you know that many doctors do not routinely check thyroid levels and if they do, they may only check TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone?)


In Thrive With Endo, you will receive a FULL thyroid panel, including TSH, T4, T3, thyroid antibodies, and more!

Thrive With Endo Starter Package

This program was designed as an affordable entry into functional nutrition and the many benefits it offers for endo.

The program includes:

-Custom comprehensive blood panel plus full professional analysis

-In depth 90 minute Comprehensive Initial Consultation where we will dive deep to look at the complete picture of your health 

-60 minute lab review call

-Two 30 minute follow-up calls

-Personalized bio-individual easy-to-follow healing protocol to take out the guesswork and confusion

-In-depth health history exploration

-Food journal analysis

-Symptom burden analysis

-Creating a big picture action plan to dive into the root cause of your symptoms and help you reach your health goals once and for all!

-Recipes and meal guides to fit your personalized healing protocol 

-Unlimited email or chat support for the duration of the program

-10% discount off professional-grade supplements through Fullscript.

…all for a fraction of the price of most functional programs!

HOW DO I START? We are currently accepting a limited number of 1:1 clients for this program. You can get started by filling out an application today!


What markers are included on the comprehensive blood panel?

Markers include:

Inflammatory markers like C-Reactive Protein and Homocysteine

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Iron and Ferritin


Liver enzyme markers

Lipid panel

Full thyroid panel

Vitamin D


…and more!



What is the length of this program?

This program consists of 4 total visits together over the span of 3 months. Sessions include a 90-minute initial comprehensive consultation, 60-minute lab review call, and two 30-minute follow up sessions to check in on your protocol.

Where will appointments take place?

All sessions are virtual. We will hop on a video call via Practice Better, my practice management software. If you are located anywhere in the United States, you are welcome to join!

Is the functional testing included in this program?

Yes, the cost of this program includes a comprehensive blood panel and full analysis from a functional perspective.

How is this bloodwork different than what the doctor does?

Functional testing and functional analysis of testing varies greatly from the conventional approach. This test includes additional markers that insurance typically won’t cover and also we are looking at ranges for optimal health rather than just ranges that indicate disease. 

What is the cost of this program?

The total investment for this program is $1500, including labwork, analysis, and all sessions together.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! You are welcome to make one payment of $1500 or 3 monthly payments of $500. PayPal financing is also available if you need more time and flexibility. Please inquire for details.

If I do the full comprehensive 6-month Thrive With Endo Program, can I apply this cost to that?

Absolutely! If you decide after completing the Thrive With Endo Starter Package that you would like to dig deeper into your health with the full 6-month package, you can apply this payment towards that full comprehensive package.

What happens after I apply?

Once your application is received, you will receive an email with next steps. You can choose to book the package immediately or book a free 30-minute call with me if you have any further questions before we dive in.

Are there any additional costs?

You don’t like surprises and neither do I! I like to be totally transparent from the beginning. Beyond the base price of this program, the only additional costs are supplements (which you will receive a 10% discount for). 

“Alyssa is a joy to work with!”

“I was surprised how much food, nutrition, hydration, and movement impacted my body and how I feel!”

“My symptoms have dramatically improved!”

Are you  ready to take back your health and your life? Apply and let’s get started. Talk soon, my friend!

Applications close 3/25 for this limited-time offer!








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