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Ep. 13: What is a Root Cause Approach for Endometriosis?

Today, we're tackling the concept that's at the heart of real healing—getting to the root of the problem. We're not just talking symptoms; we're looking at the culprits behind chronic inflammation and the cascade of issues in...

Ep. 12: Embracing Transformation Through Breath w/ Mary O’Dwyer

Today we have a truly transformative episode for you. We're joined by the remarkable Mary O'Dwyer, a Transformational Breath facilitator. Mary takes us through the profound world of Transformational Breath—a practice that facilitates...

Ep. 11: The Healing Power of Gratitude

Today we are diving deep into how cultivating gratitude can transform our lives, particularly when facing a chronic condition such as endometriosis. From sharing my personal gratitude practices to demonstrating how gratitude can help...

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